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My name is Megan. I'm 16 years old. I love music, mostly hard rock and metalcore. I usually follow back xD If you ever want to know anything or need to vent, my messages and ask are always open. :) remember if you think no one else loves you, I do, so stay strong for me at the very least <3 enjoy my blog!
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Why I like being a lesbian.



  • Girls are so fucking sexy.
  • You can’t get pregnant even if you forget to take your pill.
  • If you want penetrative sex, you can still get it, but with a really awesome purple penis.
  • Boobs go ‘badoing’ and can amuse me for hours.
  • When they bite their lip…
  • You can both ‘wear the trouser’s’ and not make a guy feel emasculated.
  • A girl’s skin is always so soft.
  • Again, boobs.
  • And also, vaginas.
  • And just generally, girls are yummy.



We Came As Romans by Sarah Hoffman on Flickr.


when someone gives you directions but you go the wrong way



Suicide Silence // Soundwave Festival 2014 by James Kilian on Flickr.

Dream on Dreamer - The World In Front Of Me

of mice &amp; men - o.g loko

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